Facebook Plans to Show Adverts In Your NewsFeed

Yeah, facebook loves your eyeballs. Yeah, you heard me right! Facebook is planning on showing ads in the newsfeed of its users. Adverts will appear in Facebook news feeds from early 2012 alongside updates from friends and applications. The ads, called “Sponsored Stories”, will appear when a person “likes” a brand or product. The ad box […]

16 Types of Facebook Users

No Sir, don’t poke me. Thank you very much! You have one these type of Facebook users on your friends list. Some of them are just being obnoxious while others are just being funny or trying too hard to be themselves. 1) The “Lurker” – Never posts anything or comments on your post, but reads […]

Social Sharing: Most Shared Stories On Facebook In 2011

How many stories have you shared on Facebook of recent? Facebook is the most popular social network with more than 700 million users who are always hungry for news and are always eager to share things, be it photos, videos or stories. Below is a list of the top 30 most shared stories on Facebook […]

Duh! Your Photos And Stuff On Facebook Are Owned By Facebook.

You are on facebook, right? And you are busy sharing your pictures, stories and what-not online thinking that you have absolute control over them. Well I got news for ya. No sir, you don’t own squat! Facebook owns it all.Hear it from Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO: I founded Facebook on the idea that people want […]

Facebook Increase Status Update Limit To 63206 Characters

Facebook just increased the character limit of status updates on the social network to 63206 characters. This includes wall postings, status updates, comments, notes, group messages, post on pages etc. In a Blog Post Wednesday, Facebook’s Journalist Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik announced that the limit of Facebook status updates has now been upped to “more than 60,000 […]