How To Change Your Facebook Profile Username

Steps to change your facebook profile username

After Facebook allowed people to change their public usernames and profiles on facebook, many started selecting some very stupid and crazy names, and some even went as far as selecting branded names.

Incase you made a mistake in your initial choice of username, or the one selected is somehow not what you wanted, you can easily change it. Facebook allows you to change your username ONLY ONCE! So be very careful in what you change it to, because that’s what it will be bearing.

To change your facebook username,

Step 1: Login intp Facebook

Step 2: Click on Account Settings.facebook arrow login

Step 3: Select the Username tab.

Step 4: Change your username as you deem fit. When you are through, click on save changes. Remember, you can only change your username once, so thread carefully here.
facebook username change



  • Your username can only be changed once and should include your real name.
  • Friends will be able to see your new email address on your timeline.
  • Your public username is the same as your address for:
    • Timeline:
    • Email:¬†





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