Nokia Asha Ice: Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503 Brings A New Distinctive Look To The Asha Family

Nokia has released new additions to the Asha family with the launch of the Asha Ice Range of mobile phones. The new members of the Nokia Asha Ice are Asha 500, Asha 502 and Asha 503 and are powered by the Asha OS which is just a touch-screen optimized version of the OS on Nokia Java feature phones.

The new Nokia Asha Ice Phones come
encased in a glamorous and beautiful
crystal layer. They feature a new
unique innovation known as layered
design, achieved using the ‘dual shot’
technique which is unique to Nokia. It
combines an inner layer of bold,
bright colour surrounded by crystal-
clear transparency. The combination
adds a distinctive look to the phone’s
monobody design, as well as

Deborah Shepard, Head of Marketing, Nokia West and Central Africa, had this to say at the launch of the new Nokia Asha Ice range of phones in Lagos, Nigeria:

“In addition to the stunning new look, the Asha Ice range boast of new features and apps that will impress
our customers such as the amazing swipe feature that enables people take
pictures with a single swipe and share instantly on their social network with a
simple tap, its colourful variants and most importantly, it’s affordability. For the first time, WhatsApp will also be
available to Asha Platform devices along with other popular chat and
messaging apps already available for Asha Platform devices, such as WeChat, Line, eBuddy and Nimbuzz”.

This means you can now install WhatsApp on your Nokia Asha device though it was not formerly available on the Asha platform.




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