What music to listen to on the job (Infographic)

The type of music you listen to at work determines your level of productivity. This the tune you listen to very important. Want to know the right and wrong playlist for your profession?

The folks at Daily Infographic have this nifty infographic that trys to help you on what to listen to on your job.

Here are some highlights:

  • Heavy metal and classic rock are recommended for construction workers.
  • Jazz, pop, rock and techno are recommended for programmers.
  • Polka and oldies should be avoided by athletes and coaches.
  • There are no genre restrictions for people who work with numbers.


Sonos Work Music infographic

As for me, I prefer some rock and pop music, sprinkled with a little country music. What music should you listen to maintain your working groove?



Via Daily Infographic by Sonos



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