Force Close Unresponsive Google Chrome Tabs With This Tip

For some of us, opening 2, 3 or 4 Chrome tabs is not enough for our browsing needs and so we often times end up opening tens of tabs and then clogging/bogging down system resources. What do you do when one of these tabs becomes unresponsive or gets caught up in a perpetual loop? Do you start closing tabs/pages at random hoping to kill the erring tab or just closes the damn Chrome browser (heck people have even been known to shut down their computers in some extreme cases)?

Weep no more, we have the solution for your woes. This tip works by going to Chrome’s task manager and killing the tab’s process.

How to Force Close a Frozen/Unresponsive Chrome Tab

  • First, identify the erring frozen tab and note it’s name or title.
  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner of the Chrome window.
  • Open Task Manager. You can find it in More Tools > Task Manager.
  • Find the tab responsible for your troubles.
  • Click on it to select/highlight
  • Click on End Process to terminate.

chrome task manager

That’s it, you should now have freed up vital system resources to enable you to sin more in your tab hoarding quest.

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