This is a post that teaches you how to clone WhatsApp.

It can be used for anything. From having your WhatsApp on 2 devices with the same number or to check if your partner is cheating on you.

It’s a simple tech that is from WhatsApp itself. So don’t think you are “Hacking” or doing some high tech coding like in the movies.

Just 3 steps.

Step 1:

Go to your phone browser, clear your history. Switch to desktop mode (you may see request desktop site) then go to

Or for those who can’t find desktop mode after clearing history goto then when it opens click desktop mode

Step 2:

Go to the WhatsApp you want to clone click on the options then select WhatsApp web (pic 1 Android). or if the person is using iPhone (pic 2) go to setting and you would see what’s app web/ desktop.

Step 3:

A scanner (using camera) will come up immediately within 1 second and then scan the QR code from the browser on your own phone. That is all. Your browser will automatically load up all the person’s messages even some chats that have been deleted and pictures.

Please Note.

There are things you should NOTE:

1. For as long as you want to keep cloning that WhatsApp do NOT close that tab and do not hard close that browser. Just switch to and from it.

2. Make sure your browser is up to date.

3. Some browsers have issues so use a sensible browser. Like opera mini, safari, Samsung internet, chrome (tho chrome was giving me issues which is weird because most people prefer chrome to clone WhatsApp)

4. I am NOT responsible for any issues that might arise from you using this hack to spy on others WhatsApp.

5. Do not refresh the page , the messages will automatically come in and if you are in a hurry some browsers will allow you swipe down to refresh the WhatsApp web without refreshing page.

6. Practise with a friend’s WhatsApp before you go and execute any mission in your mind.

I’m not responsible for what you do with this information.


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