With TSTV about to dominate the Nigerian PayTv market and positive goodwill their are receiving from Nigerians who are tired of DSTV’s monopoly hold on the market, we here at Onwaweb have decided to compile a list of the frequently asked questions TSTV customers have about the brand. 

1: Can I buy your decoder in one state (Lagos) and install it in another state (Anambra)? 

Yes, you can buy your decoder from a state and use it in another state. It is not hardcoded or locked to any state. 

2: If I did not pause my decoder, and there’s a power cut or my decoder is switched OFF, is my subscription running or not? 

It is pay as you watch, so when you are not using it, sub is not running. Its like when you recharge your phone and you did not make calls or send text, your airtime will still be in your account. But for TStv, for a maximum duration of 30 days for full sub. Power outage automatically stops running your sub


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